Wine Tasting Party

You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to incorporate wine into entertaining. While wines can be intimidating at first, with so many varieties, styles and flavors, this is a great opportunity to gather your friends to explore the world of wine together. Hosting a wine-themed party can be easy and educational, with these simple tips as a guide. Not to mention, wine makes a great culinary companion, and these pairings never disappoint.

Mini “Fruit” Cakes

Put your own touch on mini pound cakes by adding fresh fruits. These make simple, yet delectable treats to add to any size gathering. We chose to use blackberries and raspberries to fit in with our rustic party theme but any fruit pairs well with a simple pound cake.

Blind Wine Tasting Party

For all you wine lovers out there, we’ve got a party idea that’s right up your alley. A Blind Wine Tasting Party is a fun and easy idea for your fellow wine loving pals. Step 1:Taste Wine #1 and rate on a 1-10 scale. Step 2: Repeat for wines #2 and #3. Step 3: Turn in scorecard and reveal…

Perfect Pairings

Pinots pair nicely with cured meats like salami and goat cheese. Sauvignon Blanc pairs beautifully with key lime tarts and roasted summer veggies. And Chardonnay is great with Havarti cheese and banana bread.

Light it Up

For an effortless, wine-themed piece that will never go out of style, create a candle centerpiece with wine corks. Simply use two hurricane vases (one larger and one smaller), add a candle to the smaller vase and place wine corks between the vases. You can use old corks or purchase corks at many home goods…

Wine Pairing 101

Here are some quick tips for pairing wine and food: For lighter fare select a light-bodied wine and for heartier fare select a full-bodied wine. Lighter foods include pork, poultry and fish, while hearty foods include duck, pasta, beef and game. Sweet desserts and sauces generally require a sweeter wine such as Pinot Noir. For…

Two of a Kind

Offer your company at least two styles of wine including a red wine and a white wine. When selecting what dishes you will serve, consider what would pair well with the wines. For example, Chardonnay pairs well with cheese such as Brie, poultry and vegetables while Pinot Noir would be best with salmon, goat cheese…

Apps Made Easy

As the host you want to be able to enjoy your gathering and do as much ahead of time as possible. Offer easy appetizers so people can serve themselves and you have one less thing to worry about. A cheeseboard is a great option and can include various cheeses (especially that pair well with the…

Dress up Your Glass

This simple idea for chalkboard wine glasses is unique and gets party-goers involved in the celebration! You’ll need chalkboard aerosol spray paint, clear wine glasses, painter’s tape and chalk. Make sure to protect the area that will be sprayed over with newspaper or cardboard. Tape the bottom ¾ of the glass stem and spray paint…

Winter Table Setting

Creating a winter tablescape doesn’t have to be costly or complicated and with small touches of color and personalization your party can pop. For a rustic, relaxed feel start with a neutral foundation with items like tablecloths and runners and use white dinner plates which give you a blank canvas to build upon. Add color with…

Keep it Simple

Keep décor simple but add some warmth with candles and white or beige accents along with natural touches like pine cones and small plants. No need to go overboard – this is a carefree party that could be planned just a day or two ahead of time.

Perfect Pairing

For a wine tasting party ask each couple to bring a “flight” of wine along with a food pairing. Assign categories beforehand so you have an assortment of flavors. You could stick to red, white or sparkling or get more specific and assign varietals like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Merlot.  

Winning Wines

Whether you are hosting game night or wine night, a wine-themed tasting game is a great idea for an interactive evening with friends.   Here’s how to host a blind wine tasting game: Place 3 or more bottles of wine each in a different bag so the label is hidden. You can use paper to cover…


Whether serving fruit as a dish or offering as a garnish for cocktails, always select a variety of fresh ingredients. We love offering citrus to add a bite to dishes and cocktails, as well as fresh berries for a sweet treat or pop of color for garnish.

Bread & Cheese

Baguettes and a variety of soft cheeses are always an easy and affordable brunch option for a large crowd!

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