Mimosa Bar: 3 Simple Steps

1) Add fresh herbs and fruit to the bottom of your glass and use muddler or wooden spoon to smash. 2) Top with your favorite fruit juice (I like offering Orange, Cranberry & Pineapple for a nice variation) 3) Top with chilled California champagne and enjoy!

Holiday Bar Cart Essentials for the Host

A bar cart is an easy way to get festive and take some stress off the host (or hostess) while entertaining for the holidays. We’ve got tips to help you properly stock your bar cart so that your guests can get involved and you can spend less time mixing cocktails. Here’s what you’ll need… 1….

Party Carts

Party carts are great for any occasion from birthdays to holidays to Thursday night bunco.

Glassware for a Queen

It’s always nice to have festive glassware on your bar cart. It gives your cart a unique touch tailored to whatever occasion.

Fresh Mint Sprigs

Fresh mint sprigs are a bar cart essential. Mint can add a hint of fresh flavor to any cocktail.

Bar Cart: Punch Royale

 A bar cart provides a perfect place to set up a signature cocktail area. For the holidays, I love creating a punch you can personalize and using red touches on the cart with whimsical glasses. My go-to holiday punch is made with champagne & Chambord and is always a crowd-pleaser. Punch Royale 8 oz Chambord…

Dress Up Your Bar Cart

A bar cart is a perfect tool for the host especially if space is tight or to allow for a separate area for the bar. Here’s how to easily set up an at-home bar cart: 1) Stock the top of your bar cart with all cocktail essentials – a variety of mixers and garnishes, a few…

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